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Happy Travels!






Our expert Travel Concierge cater to our clients to create customized and fully comprehensive travel itineraries. 

We are available for any and all of our clients travel wishes -- from the moment we have been entrusted with their dreams to the moment they arrive safely back home!

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What We Do


Our travel concierge have been to over seventy countries combined.

They have insider knowledge on a multitude of locations and use their own experiences to research and create unique plans for each of their clients. Most have also worked in the airline industry and have an acute awareness of the stress that can be caused by travel. 


Once you have submitted a trip inquiry, one of our concierge will contact you for a personal travel consultation. They will discover your preferences, goals, and interests regarding your trip -- including the sites, tastes and details that you might have overlooked if planning the trip yourself. 


Studies show that the average person will spend 10 to 30+ hours planning their travel. 

Your personal travel concierge will put in those hours for you: researching reviews, the best neighborhoods to stay in, the travel time to get from one place to the next, the best restaurants, bars, and shows to indulge in, and countless other details that might concern you.  


Your travel concierge will provide you with multiple itinerary options, and then further work with you to customize the trip to your desired specifications. Once you are happy with your plan, they will confirm all of your reservations and then email you your itinerary in a PDF form. During your trip, your concierge will be available to you for any concerns or inquires that may come up while you are away.  

I already know where I want to go.
Why should I hire you to do what I could do myself?

Outdoor Cafe in Europe
Brahma Temple
Houses in Tauber Germany
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Sample Trips

 Sample Trips 


Travel Concierge


Travel Concierge

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Travel Concierge

Client Testimonials
Another Day in Paradise

The anytime response from Salae. EVERYTIME I needed help I’d call or text her and she’d respond so quick or call right then and there. I’m very big on communication and she met all the requirements for that . Very professional. Definitely helpful as well.

Roman Holiday

"Alana was incredible. Every detail of our journey was mapped out well in advance and the meticulous itinerary she put together for us made it as easy as though we had orchestrated every detail. The specific recommendations were some of the favorite aspects of our trips and cut out hours of waiting compared to other travelers we spoke to. Truly can’t imagine traveling without the use of her services again."

Honeymoon in St Lucia

We used Lachel to help us plan our ideal honeymoon. She was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire process, which always makes everything go smoother. She started by getting an idea of our budget and dream area, and then recommended different resorts (along with price quotes and itineraries for each). Once we selected the location we wanted, the entire booking process was extremely easy!

Ireland Painting Trip

Alana Maurer arranged our fantastic 2 week stay in Ireland. Our location and accommodations were perfect. We especially loved being able to walk to some of the old Victorian pubs!! Our second stay was at Tishmane House on the East coast. The views there are amazing and other areas to visit are close by. Our third place was an English Manor house in the country near Cork. For us this was such a rich, effortless, and amazing trip, we would definitely book with Alana again!

Antigua Amour

"Our trip to Antigua was seamless, thanks to Alana Maurer. I could not have imagined an easier way to plan a vacation from start to finish. She gave us multiple options of locations and styles of resorts to choose from. Having the luxury to personalize it for our needs was a unique treat. We were able to enjoy a relaxing, adult-only vacation in Antigua, which was pure paradise! We could not ask for anything more."

Vegas Bachelorette

"The Travel Attendants planned my bachelorette party in Vegas and I could NOT. BE. HAPPIER!! Cabanas at the pool, VIP tables at the club, dinner and brunch reservations at some of the best restaurants... it was perfect! I could not recommend them enough."

Island Love

My boyfriend and I LOVE to travel and when we reached out to Lachel she was there to help! She made the whole process a breeze and less stressful! Her great suggestions, honest opinions, and prompt responses made us love working with her! A lot of places we were interested in, she had previously visited, which was a plus because her suggestions were based on experience and not just regular internet finds.

Our Team
Marsaxlokk Malta
Charming Streets
Coral Reef Island
Pula Amphitheater Croatia
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